Insta360 Air
Turn your smartphone into a 360 camera

Starting at $99

  • Compatibility with Android phones
  • Dual-fisheye lenses
  • 3008 x 1504 (3K) still image resolution
  • 2560 x 1280 video resolution (3008 x 1504 with some smartphones)
  • Available with microUSB or Type-C connector

Capture Life in Every Angle

Experience your escapades in a stunning 360-degree panorama. Broadcast globally through live streaming, craft impeccable edits, or dive into immersive VR to relive every precious moment.

One touch to the world.

  • Share 360 highlights of your life with friends on social media or broadcast them in real time with live-streaming mode.
  • These cameras feature dual or multiple lenses strategically positioned to capture the entire surroundings.
  • These cameras encourage innovative storytelling techniques, offering new possibilities for photographers and videographers.
  • As technology advances, the ecosystem of Android 360 cameras and related software continues to evolve, providing users with improved options and capabilities.
  • Android 360 cameras support live streaming, enabling users to broadcast their surroundings in real-time on platforms like YouTube and Facebook.

Goes with USB cable doubles as a webcam stand.(To be purchased separately)

Just plug in and your Air is a 360 webcam.

What Everyone's Saying About Insta360 Air


Troy Tyler

"The Insta360 Air Cam has revolutionized how I capture and share moments. Its seamless 360-degree shots have added a new dimension to my photography, making every memory feel more immersive. Whether I'm live streaming my travels or editing clips to perfection, this camera is my go-to companion for unlocking creativity!"


Autumn Howard

"I can't get enough of the Insta360 Air Cam! It's like having a time machine that transports me back to the heart of my experiences. The ability to live stream my adventures lets me share the excitement with friends and family in real-time. The camera's user-friendly interface and stunning results have made it an essential part of my storytelling toolkit."


Wesley Walker

"Talk about a game-changer! The Insta360 Air Cam has redefined the way I remember and share special moments. Editing has never been this fun – I can select any angle I want after I've taken the shot. And don't get me started on the VR playback – it's like reliving the memories all over again. Kudos to Insta360 for this mind-blowing innovation!"